Research Group

Graduate Students

Benjamin Keenan (Ph.D. Candidate): Linking climate change with societal responses in the Maya Lowlands using organic geochemistry

Regina Moguel (Ph.D. Candidate): Using radiocarbon measurements to constrain natural and anthropogenic methane emissions in Canada

Robert Bogue (Ph.D. Candidate; co-supervised with John Stix): Carbon isotopes in near-volcano tree rings as a tracer for volcanic emissions and carbon fixation

Melanie Burnett (PhD. Candidate; co-supervised with Cynthia Kallenbach): Linking greenhouse gas emissions in permafrost thaw ponds with catchment soil processes   [starting May 2021]

Postdoctoral Fellows

Wesley Parker (US NSF-EAR Fellowship): Plant Wax Transport and Integration through the Late Holocene in Guatemala 

Estelle Allan (FRQNT Fellowship): Isotopic hydrogen composition of leaf waxes: calibration and reconstruction of the natural climate variability of Baffin Bay and the Labrador Sea

Undergraduate Researchers

Dawson Phan (Summer Research Course, 2020): Mixing models of global methane hydrogen isotope sources

Sophia Chen (Geography Honour’s Thesis): Hydrogen isotope fractionation in plant waxes from Arctic and Subarctic environments

Emerald Stratigopoulos (Earth and Planetary Sciences, SURA 2017): Isotopic patterns of organic matter degradation in a temperate forest lake catchment

Jenny Park (Chemistry, SURA 2017): Global patterns of dual-isotope variability in freshwater methane

Lab Technician

Thi Hao Bui

Lab Alumni

Ying Ran Lin (M.Sc. 2017; co-advised with Boswell Wing): Testing the role of sulfate reduction rates in controlling sulfur isotope fractionation. Currently at CARO Analytical Services.

Jenny Ni (M.Sc. 2019; co-supervised with Richard Léveillé): Corralloid speleothems in lava tubes as potential biosignatures. Currently at Barrick Hemlo Mine.

Robert Bourque (M.Sc. 2019): Compound-specific isotope records of environmental change across the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary in Western Canada. Currently a Ph.D. student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.