McGill Isotope Biogeochemistry Laboratory

The McGill Isotope Biogeochemistry Laboratory contains facilities for the analysis of stable isotopes in lipid biomarkers, trace gases, and water.

Key facilities include:

-A sediment preparation wet lab including a Mars 6 microwave extraction system.

-A Thermo Trace 1310 GC with a flame ionization detector for hydrocarbon and lipid quantification.

-A Thermo GC Isolink coupled to a Thermo Delta V for compound specific isotope analyses (C and H) of lipid biomarkers and hydrocarbons (including methane).

-Four Picarro cavity ringdown spectroscopy instruments: a CO2 and CH4 carbon isotope analyzer, a water isotope analyzer (including 17O measurement capability), an N2O isotope analyzer (including position specific N-isotope capability), and a GasScouter for mobile CO2 and CH4 concentration measurements.

Picarro Carbon Isotope Analyzer
Picarro water and nitrous oxide isotope analyzers

-A radiocarbon sample preparation line for trace gas samples is currently in development.

Please contact Peter (peter.douglas At for information or inquiries about sample analyses.